60 years of passion for colour

The company’s roots date back to 1936 when the master painter Ernst Bub founded a commercial painting business. BUCOLIN wasn’t established until later. In 1952 Ernst Bub expanded the manufacturing operation for industrial coatings.

The company expanded over the years so that in 1968 a large production hall was built. In 1973, the management was handed down to the second generation when Ernst Bub’s son-in-law Hermann Kolb took over the business.

In 1993 another generational handover took place: Hannjoerg Kolb, who previously worked as a paint engineer in the company, became the new manager. He has been supported since 2006 by Anne Katrin Schreiber DBA. Thus, the independent company is now in its third generation of the family.

Tradition and responsibility for over 60 years

The company´s economic success is all about continuity. In 2000, a modern warehouse was built so the company could implement its ambitious and future-oriented, environmentally friendly production methods.

As early as the late 90s BUCOLIN developed an integrated environmental and quality management system. This was continued in 2002 through the ISO standards 9001 and 14001, and regularly confirmed since.

Moreover, BUCOLIN was early in committing itself to global programs such as Responsible Care and has been continuously engaged in achieving these goals.

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