Strukturlackfabrik Bucotur

Textured paint – Bucotur

BUCOTUR 1K textured coatings are air-drying, water-based effect paints of acrylate dispersion foundation. An excellent rich and variable structure formation with excellent coverage distinguishes this particular product group. Depending on your wishes a fine to coarse texture, spot or grain structure can be applied over a suitable coating.

Struktur-Lack Bucotur

This system is further characterized by quick drying and excellent surface properties, such as solvent and scratch resistance. In addition, this product provides a solid single-coat on, for example, wood and wood-substitute materials as well as on many different substrates (test in individual cases).

BUCOTUR 1K textured paints are used everywhere where the refining and enhancement of surfaces is called for. The good structure formation can cover surface variations and roughness, preliminary work is minimized and costs can be reduced.

  • Easy application and fast drying
  • Various structural possibilities
  • Excellent mechanical resistance (scratch resistance)
  • Good adhesion to various substrates
  • Especially on wood or wood-substitute material
  • Environmentally friendly and VOC compliant